Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sat. Mar. 30th 2013

Did the grocery shopping.  On the way home Brent purchased some zucchini seeds – zucchinis are a bit different over here and he wanted to try and grow this variety at home so now I have to check the customs rules to see if they are allowed in!!  We did some more sorting of our own papers etc. to see what we keep to take home and what we can dispose of.  Kristina didn’t come today.  She didn’t call – we wondered if the Polish people celebrate Easter like North Americans do – in which case she would deem it a holiday and not come???  The Assts. are getting ready for the transfers and new missionaries – cleaning out the downstairs apartment and working on graphs etc. Then they had to go over to Halandri chapel to start filling th font for a 3:00 pm baptism.  President offered to pick us up at 2:20 and so we went there with him and Sis. F.   After the baptism they took us to a store from which they thought we would like to try and purchase some gifts – it was not open.  We then went to a restaurant – all I can say is that it was a restaurant that served the food of Crete – the servers dressed in Crete style clothes – and it was really nice.  The food was great and we had a super time.  So that was our official farewell dinner from Pres. & Sis. F.

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