Monday, 11 March 2013

Sat. Mar. 9th 2013

We went grocery shopping.  The Elks picked up the two sisters and the two elders that had not been to Corinth and took them to see it.  The other elders went to do their traditional last shopping for souvenirs etc. – but they couldn’t do it at the Plaka because of demonstrations going on there today – it’s a shame.  The Assts. were supposed to have been able to pick up their license plates today that were taken away from them ten days ago.  They had even phoned yesterday to confirm that they could get them today, but when they got there they told them they would have to come back on Monday – that’s just typical of how things work here!!  Kristina came to clean thankfully.  It’s a lovely day so far – it’s a bit cloudy but fairly warm.  It was noisy and busy here in the office tonight - the elders that had gone shopping and the ones that went to Corinth congregated here swapping stories and generally just visiting - so we were "chaperoning"!!!

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