Monday, 11 March 2013

Sun. Mar. 10th 2013

One months to go!    We had to take the 7-seater to church this morning because we had 5 missionaries, plus Brent & I and Sis. F. all needing a ride!!  It was a bit squishy, but it all worked out.  There was a much better attendance today and the weather was super – got up to 19C.  It was pot-luck also and we took Hawaiian beans – two people brought pastichio!  Sis. Frost and Caitee were back from their trip to the States.  This afternoon there was lots of traffic in the Mission Office because of the ones leaving wanting this and that.  Elks came over here in the evening to borrow boxes as they have to move stuff out of a vacated apartment tomorrow.  We could hear the missionaries downstairs still packing and joshing around until fairly late which was probably not a good thing as they had to be in the car in the morning, ready to go to the airport at 6:30 am!!!

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