Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sun. Mar. 17th 2013

Brenda was up bright and early and looking very spiffy  -  I don’t know how she did it – she’s still on Calgary time and must have been desperately tired.  We were all ready to go to church and get there with time to spare, there was a phone call and then when we were all settled in the van, we had forgotten some plates that had to go back to Halandri, plus Ralph’s letter – so! we just barely made it on time!!  I did my talk and then we had the treat of Dave & Brenda & kids singing a primary song – then it was Dad’s turn to talk.  We were glad that was over, but the song was absolutely super.  The Elks came to our meeting instead of Athens 1st just to hear the kids – they are so sweet.  We had pork roast, mashed potatoes, carrots and Greek salad for lunch followed by Sis. Freestone’s wonderful chocolate cake – yum!  The missionaries ate with us also and they were a wonderful addition to our group.  Dave took the kids for a walk while we cleaned up and after that we did a lot of visiting and played Banana Grams (a word game that Bunt brought with them – it’s really fun.  The kids were really good.  Alyson Frost called and we planned to have them join us on our Sounio trip tomorrow.

This is Lauryn and Caitee Frost standing outside Halandri Chapel..  Lauryn and Caitee began emailing each other soon after we began our mission here -

IMG 1478

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