Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sun. Mar. 24th 2013

Another lovely day.  Very few at meetings today because of the long weekend and Independence Day holiday.  After a quick lunch we made up a big batch of banana bread.  We had to open a new carton of eggs and Brent really likes that I wash the eggs before we use them.  One squished inward the second I picked up, but we salvaged it for the mix.  As I was putting the rest in the fridge, I dropped one – it made a nice splat noise as it hit the floor!!   Egg handling not so good today!!  Following that, we made Sweet & Sour Meatballs and rice for supper.  We went to the airport at 5’ish to pick up President and sis. F. plus the Assts. so we took the van. They all came back and had supper with us – we had a good visit.

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