Saturday, 2 March 2013

Thurs. Feb. 28th 2013

Went to The Mall and got a really nice cheese slicer and was supposed to go to Plaisio on the way home to pick up the folders that we had ordered, but we ran out of time because we had to be back so that Brent could meet Sophia (lawyer) at the bank.  He did that and it still took a long time to get the transaction done, but not as long as some other times!! The wind was blowing pretty hard today and the house across the street where the renovations are happening had their fence pulled down and a deep hole was dug all around the fence line for the new foundation for a fence ready to be poured – but they had it taped off and the wind had blown the tape onto the road, so Brent went over and fixed it. Maxwells, who are going home tomorrow called to have me do their boarding passes on-line.  Just as well they did, because, when I tried to enter the Booking Ref. for Elder Maxwell, it didn’t work.  After a few phone calls, I discovered that when I informed Germany (when they were doing the original booking) that Sister Maxwell’s passport was still under her previous name, they issued another ticket for her.  They did that by splitting the original ticket and issuing her a new one – not realizing or maybe forgetting to tell me that Elder Maxwell’s ticket received a new Booking Ref. at that time.  Once I got that straight there was no problem.  Elder and Sis. Elks came over firstly, so that I could teach Sis. Elks how to do the statements at the end of the month – and secondly, to meet the Maxwells here.  The Maxwells had to bring their car up here and leave it here and so the Elks drove them home and will pick them up early in the morning and drive them to the airport.  The Maxwells didn’t get here until 6:30 and Brent cooked up a pork and potatoes supper while I “taught" Sis. Elks and we ate before the Maxwells got here.  It was a blast as usual.

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