Friday, 15 March 2013

Thurs. Mar. 14th 2013

Rushed around madly this morning getting things ready for the arrival of the kids and then hit the office and entered two baptisms during which time President dropped by (Sister F. Is not well today!) and Elder Elks with missionary helpers – they are moving furniture etc. from an apartment that is being closed.  The Assts. went on a teaching appointment to Sean Moore – it didn’t go well and maybe visits to him are coming to an end.  Brent and I went and did a big shopping this afternoon so we will have enough food etc. for the kid’s visit.  We made meatball stew for supper and after I worked on my talk for Sunday.  President says Sister F. is feeling better tonight.  It has been a very windy day and overcast – it looks like it is getting ready to rain.  We are now about six hours away from the time the kid’s plane leaves Calgary

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