Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thurs. Mar. 21st 2013

It is very quiet around here!!  The kids emailed that they arrived safely.  Back to the job in earnest today.  Sis. Elks came and Elder Elks and Brent went to the phone company and then moved some furniture from the apartment that is being closed.  Sis. Elks shadowed me in the jobs this morning – she is very good and will be just fine (even though she says she’s nervous!!)  We ate Greek salad and fresh bread for lunch and then they went.  I’m still washing bedding and towels, but am making good progress and also catching up on my blog.  We had a lot of demonstrations today – I hope there were no problems.  It was either very smoggy today or maybe just humid and misty – at one point I thought it would rain, but it didn’t.  Brent was able to get the meds that he wanted for his rash today, so I hope it works!

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