Monday, 11 March 2013

Thurs. Mar. 7th 2013

It’s raining!!  And President, Harry, Wilderspin, Reading and Jensen left for Corinth this morning early.  Sis. F. called about the “history” that we are supposed to report on as couples for the respective branches that we attend – we went over that for a while trying to fill in the gaps for January & February.   Brent & I both got haircuts which will be our last ones here in Greece!!  Maria’s cleaning girl came to do the stairs and Brent had told Manolos to tell her that there is a big patch of mold on the ceiling up on the 3rd floor – she did a great job of getting it all cleaned off.  I worked on the release package for Smiths who go on 28th March and tidied up a lot of little messy things.  I received answer from Area Travel regarding Nicholls and Brandenburg.  The plan for Nicholls’ trip fell through as the flight that they told us about was only available until April and so it won’t work for May travel – so we are in the process of figuring out another flight.  The Assts. and Wilderspin came back from Corinth tired and very wet – especially the feet!!  They cleaned up and we had souvlaki and hamburgers and cheesecake for supper!!  Now they have gone out to the airport to pick up two other elders that will be flying home on Monday morning.

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