Friday, 15 March 2013

Tues. Mar. 12th 2013

Tidied up and got ready for Mission Presidency meeting.  President arrived with treats in hand to celebrate Elder Elks’ birthday which was yesterday!! Yum!!  I sent out the welcome letter to Hansens and booked flights for the Assts. to go with President on the next mission tour.  Sis. Elks didn’t come today and so Elder Elks went home for lunch which left us with just the Assts. to feed – we made Greek salad and Brent purchased some good, fresh deli bread.  Between jobs, Brent and I made a big apple crisp as we were assigned to bring dessert to the couples meeting tonight at the Mission Home.  As usual, it was a great time with lots of fun and President showed a movie called “Beyond the Blackboard” about a young teacher on her first job and she had to teach homeless children with all the problems that you can imagine that might be there in such a scenario.  It was terrific.

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