Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tues. Mar. 26th 2013

Brent went for the mail – there wasn’t much, because of the holiday yesterday.  President came over early to give Brent a lot of pages to scan.  It was a missionary application that has to be submitted to Salt Lake.  We went to Specialized Training meeting around 10:00 am and picked up Sis. Freestone on the way.  Halfway there, we get a call from President that he had forgotten the projector at the Mission Home, so we scooted back, picked it up and headed back down to Halandri.  We actually needed to be their earlier so we could set up tables for lunch time – but it all worked out with some extra help.  The meetings were really good – better than usual.  They had a testimony meeting to end the day and President took the opportunity to thank Brent & I for all the work we do in the office – it was really sweet.  Back home again and then I had Brent take some treats and a thank you note to Frosts for their help in showing the kids a good time when we went to Sounio.  The Assts. helped us eat up left-overs and then we visited for a bit before it was time to go to bed.

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