Friday, 15 March 2013

Wed. Mar. 13th 2013

We were off to an inauspicious start this morning with one of the trays on the door of the fridge falling off and Brent began a repair job on it before he got out of his pjs etc.  The job took longer than he thought and suddenly President F. was here to work in the office and Brent was scrambling to get presentable.  It was pretty funny.   I spent half the day making up white binders for incoming missionaries ( It contains lots of instructions for them and pages of Greek language helps).  It’s a big job making covers, copying the information to go into the binder and then binding it altogether with the plastic Circlex.  President stayed for lunch and left soon after.  The rest of the day went quietly.  The weather is changing and we are probably going to have rain in the next day or two  -  ☹

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