Monday, 8 April 2013

Fri. Apr. 5th 2013

What a day!!  President was over this morning to meet with the Elders.  Then we received a call from Sister R’s mom regarding the renewal of her passport.  It is a Spanish passport and she has residency in the UK and her passport was issued by the Spanish Embassy in the UK!  The problem is that the Spanish Embassy will not issue a renewal unless the person is there.  So that meant we had to get flights for her to go back to the UK.  Her mother was on the phone back and forth trying to set things up so that Sis. R. could fly there, spent a day there, then fly back the next day.  However, the next fly in the ointment was that the Spanish E. keeps the passport while generating the renewal and that take about 2/3 weeks – so – Sis. R. cannot get on the plane to come back right away without the passport.  So after another flurry of phone calls, her mother got the word that they would have her come and do the signatures etc. then give her back her old passport so that she could get back here and then, she would mail that old passport back to the Spanish E. – then they would work on her renewal and send it to her mother when it was ready, so mother could send it here!!!  Crazy!  Later, after Brent Drove Pres. & Sis. F. to the airport, we went a did grocery shopping because we had to make sandwiches for a meeting first thing in the morning – when we usually go grocery shopping.  The Assts. were away on an exchange and didn’t get back until late and we were late too, so we ate together late!

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