Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sun. Apr. 14th 2013

I'm adding this because our mission didn't really end until President Thomas officially released us and that follows:

A memorable day! Our official release from our mission. We were asked to meet with the Stake Presidency and High Council to report our mission at 7:15 am at the Airdrie Reunion Chapel!!! That’s 45 mins. drive on a good day, but it was still blizzarding. Fortunately Mike wanted to be present and he told us to come up to his place (which was about halfway) and we could drive with him in his Yukon – so we did that. Even so, it took us a little longer because of the bad road conditions and we were a bit late!   President Thomas greeted us and introduced us to the High Council and asked us to take about 10 minutes and share our testimony and also tell a little about our mission.  I was able to keep to the 10 mins, but Brent went on for 30 mins. or so!!!   However, they said it was OK. Then President Thomas took us to another room and formally released us.  It felt very sad – but I realized it was time for us to move on and be very grateful for the precious memories that will be ours forever. We scooted straight down to our Ward, but arrived during the Sacrament and we waited in the foyer until that was completed. They were doing the announcements as we walked in and so we received a greeting from the pulpit. It was Fast & Testimony and Brent and I were able to share a short testimony. After the meeting, we were swamped with well wishers and it was so amazing to renews friendships etc.  Rick & Renee were there and we just missed hearing Myles give the scripture in Primary. We stayed for the whole block. Tried to do a few things at home before we went out to Mike’s for a big dinner – 23 people there – mostly family. It was super visiting with everyone.  So, many thanks to Mike and Dea for a lovely evening.

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