Monday, 8 April 2013

Sun. Apr. 7th 2013

Received an email from Bunt that Christopher Charles was made an area seventy – yes, our very own Pres. Charles – we were so thrilled to hear that.  Also noted later, that Larry Spackman from Calgary was also sustained thus.  Very strange at Church today, but nice.  Having to say goodbye to everyone is hard.  They are so nice and we hate to be leaving them when everything is such a mess here.  We took lots of pictures.  A whole bunch of them are leaving Greece over the next  6 months – we can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to our little Branch.  We made Shepherd’s Pie for supper.  The Assts. were off on an exchange, so it was virtually just Brent and I – however, we made enough to fix a dish full for Pres. & Sis. Freestone – we were to pick them up at 6:00 pm.  -  BUT – the wind storm that we were having here was worse in the Rhodes area – bottom line was, that nothing was leaving or taking off from there tonight.  We also had one of the pine trees in the garden here snap off halfway down the trunk!!!  We went to Frosts and said goodbye to them – they are moving to England in the summer for his job.  They are super great people – we have grown very close to them and we’ll keep in touch with them for sure.  We watched (live) the Sunday morning session of conference  -  the talks were great – especially Pres. Monson’s..

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