Monday, 8 April 2013

Wed. Apr. 3rd 2013

There were 12 elders sleeping here last night – four upstairs and eight downstairs.  So, this morning, we had elders all over the place trying to get showered and over to the Mission Home to have interviews with President. Brent and Elder Elks went down to the bank to try and get a substantial amount which President needs to take over to Cyprus.  The Cyprus banks are still operating in a very restrictive mode and we have bills to pay over there, so it’s becoming a problem.  When Brent was at the bank, it was very noticeable that something was amiss.  The employees were moving around very fast and nobody was smiling – they all looked anxious.  We have no idea what was wrong, but it didn’t look good.   Elks went over to the Mission Home for a meeting and with all the missionaries still over there, it was pretty quiet here for a change.  Brent had to go to the doctor for a check-up regarding the rash and I went with him.  I wanted to buy a few more things to take home, but couldn’t find anything, but the check-up went well – the doctor is happy with the healing.  This afternoon it was panic stations for a bit – there is a 24 hour strike involving the airline industry and we have six missionaries scheduled to fly to Cyprus!!!  The Assts. called the airline and the good news was that the strike would only affect local flights for Greece – not international flights – so our guys are good to go.

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